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Even iu my best days

, if I wanted t rder the whlea new bnnet, I was as lacnic ver it as a Caesar wuld be ver the triflea cnquered natin. If I wanted a dress trimmed with buttns, I was nt sufficiently skillful t skirmish ver the 'whle fieldtrimmings, with their bjectinsI just said buttns, and was dne with it. Nw, yu knw tiiat kindstyle wuld be entirely fatal fr newspapers.""Well, I believe yu have n turn fr writing. Wuld yu like t g n the stage?""My dear, n; I haven't the curage fr it. Yu can scarcely believe, remembering me as I frmerly was, hw unfitted I am fr cntentin. Ging frm private life n the stage, until ne has fairly succeeded, ia just ne lng spasmcntentin; cntentin with yur friends, wh imagine themselves disgraced by yur attempt; cntentin with the already membersthe dramatic prfessin, because they are reslved t keep all its hnrs t themselves if pssible; cntentin with the public, wh, hlding the pinin that t act is t be utsideNature, (I cnfess they have nt been withut reasn fr thinking s, cannt admit that any ne s latelythemselves, culd prperly undertake anything s0 mnstrus.""But ther peple take t the stage and succeed there, in spiteall these bjectins yu haveCheap Dre Beats Headphones alleged.""S they d; but I am sure they are less dependent n surrundings than I am. When I am ppsed, I simply sink int less than nthingness. If any ne disputes my theries, I am paralyzed int having nne fr the time. If I am t be anything mre in the future than the mere suggestina wman, I must have sympathy. Yu knw hw littlethat I culd expect in the dramatic prfessin. But indeed I dn't thinkitnever did.""Have yu ther ideas?""Nthing t speak f. I am afraid I am abut gd fr nthing under the sun.""I'll tell yu what yu are gd fr, Laura; gd t make thse happy with whm yu are in daily intercurse. See hw happy yu make me, my little girl, and Je! Why, even Bridget feels yur influence, and rejices in it. Yu say yu knw hw t d nthingwhy, just lking at yu teaches her mre than all http://www.beatsbydre-cheapsale.com my sclding. If yu call her, she drps whatever she is ding, and runs as thugh her life depended n it. I may see her guiltyevery careBeats By Dre Cheap lessness in the wrld, but she is as anxius t appear well befre yu, as a yung lady befre herCheap Beats By Dr Dre first admirer. Fr a smile frm yn, she will scrub frm mrning t Cheap Beats By Dre hur, while yu have nly t cme dwn and smile and intimate yur wishes, she is subdued at nce,'hastens t d yur bidding, and seems t get actual jy utpleas-ing yn. Hw n earth d yu manage it?""I think it is nly in yur imaginatin, it exists at all.""Nt at all. "Why, even the ice-man tld Bridget he cnsidered Miss Milsland t be cmpletely lvely.""I suppse, then, if I can thaw the heartthe iceman, it must nt be disputed there is sme sunshine in me?""Exactly s. Everybdy likes t be with yu; I believe yu culd almst manage anybdy, whether they were in their senses r nt.""1 take yur idea nw. Yu think me quite capablecnducting a lunatic asylum,managing maniacs. Dubtless, yu are right; I have managed the greatestthem allmyself. Yu are cnvinced I wuld be  perfectly adjusted as an rganizing frntispiece t Bedlam?"'"I dn't mean anything like that; but I can't say the simplest wrd t yu, withut yur running ff int such queer ideas, that I dn't even try t understand them.""Fr all that, yn have given me an idea. I am just fitted t he a cmpanin t smebdy, t make life less dull t such an ne, and mre s t myself. Mrs. 'Middletn is urging me t pay her a lng visit; I think I culd make myself agreeable t her, as a cmpanin. I shall g.""Yu must cnsider that yu are likely t meet Victr there.""Whatthat? Is it als nemy duties t retire frm all the earth he walks n?""H. But, d yu think yu wuld he equal t it?""I shuld hpe I might be smething mre than equal tthat I might exceed that small rdeal.""h, but, Laura, yu can't deceive me; I knw yu still lve him.""Then, why are yu nt charitable enugh t hide my turpitude, insteadfrcing me t cnfess it?