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But it did nt prevent him f

rm yearning t see what lk was n the facethat strange girl, wh nw held the prminent place in his thughts. The scafflding upn which the figure was placed, and the step-ladder by which he reached it, were lcated rather nearer t that sidethe stage n which Mrs. Middletn's bx was, than the ther, s it gave him a favrable pprtunity t discver with what lk, Laura gazed upn him. He cast his eyes rapidly up twards the bx, and saw tw faces bending ver him, and h, what a mighty cntrast was in thse tw! In the faceJulia, his betrthed, was an expressin f  pignant curisity, well mingled with cnceit and arrgance, as if she were pleased in spiteherself, and by that supercillius filmdisdain, desired t shw that she repudiated it. In the ther dark face nw tinted with thrillsevanescent clr, he culd see nthing but the nblest pride in him, flating n the deepsa pure and heavenly jy. He tried t catch her eyes, but their expressin was t wide fr that; his wn gaze swam fr a mment n them, and then sank and were lst in their infinite depths.He turned back t hCheap Beats By Dre s part with a nehttp://www.beatsbydre-cheapsale.com w fire in his veins, and thrughut the whle play, acted with all his ld passin, but with a new fibrepaths added t it. The audience went hme enraptured, the management was vercme with delight, and the prspectan unprecedented run seemed t set in fr the new play.CHAPTER X.TheCheap Beats By Dr Dre spring was fast verging int summer; in fact, accrding t the calendar, it was summer, fr the mnthJune had pened upn them. The weather was warm and genial, s Mrs. Middletn prpsed t her tw guests, a temprary exdus int the cuntry. As she had a beautiful placeher wn, very cnvenientaccess frm the city, and replete with every luxury and mdeenjyment, they bth acceded t the prpsitin with delight.Frtunately, the huse was very large, fr Mrs. Middletn's chief ideaa residence in the cuntry, was a place t invite peple t visit her in. In viewthis, Victr seriusly thughtbringing his engagement t an immediate terminatin. He wuld have brught it t an untimely end indeed, had he nt been afraidLaura, Cheap Dre Beats Headphones but he happened t suggest it t her in tBeats By Dre Cheap he mst shadwy way, when she said s quietly, "It wuld be pleasant fr us; but it wuld nt be strictly hnrable, and therefre it wuld be impssible fr yu t d." He was bliged t accept this high guagehis wn principles, and act up t it, much as it secretly chagrined him. Hwever, he managed easily t get tw nightsrelease each week, n the pleafatigue, heat, etc., as the practice f" ff-nights " was nt just then unusual in the dramatic prfessin. This gave him the pprtunityrnnning up t Mrs. Middletn's Saturday mrning and remaining until Mnday. At this peridthe week the huse was always crwded t its utmst capacity, a circumstance much t Victr's satisfactin, because it gave Julia a field fr general display and quiet flirting, and him greater pprtunity fr cnversatin with Laura.Laura seemed rather t avid cmpany than seek it. Nt because she did nt lve it, but frm that sensitive pride, which will nt give thers an pprtunity t slight it. She felt satisfied peple wuld be inclined t slight her; fr she had been haughty and verbearing in her mst frtunate days, and it seemed t her but a just retributin nw, she had lst all her claims t distinctin, that thers shuld return her ld scrn with interest. But the wrld was better natured than she gave it credit fr; her recrd, while under Mrs. Middletn's rf, was an unbrken linerespect, cnsideratin, and deference.Victr was extremely lightheart, in seeing Julia Sydney's attentin absrbed in ther channels than himself. He felt as if a great weightrespnsibility were lifted frm Lis shulders. Fr the prize he had wn in the ltterylife was becming a matterineffable distress t him. He had sught and wn her hand penly, and nw he was t mucha gentleman t fling it byhis wn accrd; but he fervently hped she wuld, herself, annul the engagement. Hwever, it must nt be suppsed he cnfessed t himself, during all this time, that he lved Laura.